Wednesday, 4 February 2009

quad fins for Kauli Seadi ? No more twinsers ?

Several news are giving me the impression that Kauli Seadi may be about to start a new trend.

Two years ago, at the Punta Preta Cabo Verde PWA event, Kauli's stellar surfing style on his new twinser boards made everyone realize this was a way to go. Fast forward to January 2009: every pro sailor has a twinser in his quiver and most brands have twin fin wave boards in their product line.

February 2009: if those photos are correct, it seems Kauli is now in Cabo Verde with quad fins board. Then again, if he impresses everyone with his waveriding style at the upcoming PWA event, will everyone scramble to move to 4 fins, swallow tails and wingers?

Time will tell.

For now, I let you meditate these photos found on: (
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