Monday, 17 May 2010

My first Defi Wind

(For Spanish version click: )

This 10th anniversary edition, with 1000 participants, was blessed by Eole the wind god. We had stronger and stronger winds the 4 days. Stellar organization and safety, a very funny race, the windsurfing equivalent of the NY marathon mixed with BBQ parties, Woodstock style concerts, a must.

Very grateful to Philippe Bru, event organizer, the 150 safety guards on the water and all the staff on land: you work like horses for us to have fun. A nice video link here to give you an idea of the event:

Anders Bringdal: fastest sailor on the 2010 Défi:
The Spanish colony:

Back on the beach:

Ruben and me:

Final results: 248 out of 917. Next year's objective: be under the top 200.