Friday, 26 February 2010

And now, Kauli wins in SUP too

After Kai Lenny winning the first stage of the World Stand Up Tour, we now have 3 times windsurfing wave world champion Kauli Seadi winning in SUP too. But mind you, not in a surfing contest, but in a long distance contest! A physical and resistance statement at this long distance in Brazil, sponsored by Red Bull.

Kauli was riding a JP Australia SUP, but not a long distance prototype, despite the lower gliding speed of this allround board, he got the job done. Congrats!

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Stand Up World Tour

Big waves for the trials and Slater Trout, 15 years old, is coming out on top. No doubt his future will be bright. Day 1 video here:

And the final day here, with the victory of another very promising youngster, Kai Lenny, 17:

Wipe-out festival: