Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Philip Koster, 2012 Wave World Champion PWA

Philip Koster won the first 2 events of the season, in July (Pozo and Tenerife).

The super-final of the KIA Cold Hawaii in Klitmoller PWA, the third event of the season,  is set to be sailed tomorrow. But in any case, having secured at least a second place in this event, if he loses to Thomas Traversa tomorrow, Philip Koster has already done enough to win a second world title, after the first he won last year.

And he is only 18! And he is perfectly capable to win the event tomorrow to celebrate his second title in style (his last defeat was... 2 years ago).

Congratulations to the Champion.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Short trip to Biarritz

I was lucky to be invited by some friends with a house near Biarritz, in August. I had a window of 3 days, so I loaded my SUP Gong Shake 7'4" and off I went. It was my first "true" experience of "real" ocean surfing, with much more powerful swells and clean faces than what I usually enjoy at my home spot in the Mediterranee. The Gong Shake 7'4" proved to be a fantastic toy to surf on those waves. I shot a quick on-board video with my GoPro:

I hope I can go back real soon!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Rescue tip

Please watch this short video, on how to "load" an unconscious surfer on top of your board. It isn't done the way you might have thought, so it's good to watch and have it in mind (better still: practice it next time you are at the beach, with a friend):