Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Formula Windsurfing Worlds

After 2 races of warm up on day 1, Antoine Albeau then switched into undisputed champ mode and with 7 victories and multiple podium finishes, he secured the world title 2 races before the end of the championship.

In second place, Brazilian Paulo dos Reis who has been extremely consistent this season, earns a well deserved podium finish.

The fight for 3rd place was a dog fight with several sailors in a few points, but finally Ross Williams in a final rush managed to get the edge.

All in all, a superb regatta, with the maximum allowed of 15 races in a week, a beautiful breeze, smooth organization, can you ask for anything more?

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Mini SUP

Gong SUP shaper, Patrice Guénolé, insists that a SUP board for a given program should be the same length than a surf board. He proves it here with some photos of him riding a 5'11.

Patrice, 104 kilos, is no feather-weight, so he makes a point here that a short SUP can be for anyone.

If you fancy one, check-out Gong's hand made SUP gear page here:

Friday, 12 March 2010

Who needs a shaper?

Filmed on one winter day, Ryan Burch lays into his 4'10" block of styrofoam. He took a saw to a soft top surfboard blank and voila- no fins, no resin or fiberglass, no stringer, no leash... just a square chunk of foam. More shenanigans coming soon via the new surf film "stoked and broke" a surfari epic on zero dollars.


John Zapotocky: SUPing at 91 years young!

John Zapotocky is a living legend of SUP. The Duke himself gave him some advice on how to SUP decades ago. After a knee surgery, John is back on the water paddling, at age 91. A true inspiration.