Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The battle of the multiple fins

When Kauli sailed convincingly a twinser 4 years ago at Cape Verde, it was a no brainer for most brands to introduce a twin fin design in their product lines (most noticeable, Naish stuck to a single fin design).

Kauli again started a new trend with quad fin design at Cape Verde, last year. This time, there seems to be 2 sides within the market, the quad fins side (Quatro, JP, Starboard, Tabou? Fanatic?) and others who believe that a thruster is actually a better solution (Exocet, RRD, 7th Wave, AHD etc).

Interestingly, both sides are strongly convinced their option is clearly the best, there is a real contrast this time. Time will tell how the consumers react to this situation.

I wish I could try several of these boards to make my own opinion.

PD: As far as SUPs are concerned, I have my back covered with a thruster that can be set up as a single fin, and another quad fin board.