Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Get ready for lift off

My friend Casey Hauser jointly with the team, with the support of Red Bull, selected a group of 16 windsurfers, for a new form of event in Gran Canaria on June 24th. This is a jumping contest, where participants carried a very special kind of GPS to record and broadcast live the very details of their jump (flight would be a more appropriate word).

3 categories:
- highest jump
- best trick
- biggest wipe-out (ouch...)

A video summary of the event:

More info here:


Casey Hauser said...

Casey Hauser here from The guys put on an incredible show for RedBull rockets, throwing clean doubles, tweaked pushloops, stalled forwards, and more! In spite of strong winds, rider's still boosted upwards of 30ft+. The beach was packed with spectators and the RedBull setup for the riders was nothing short of epic!

Stay tuned for more to come in this new era of free-form competition.

The future is in motion...

(note: full video of the event coming soon!)

flying_frenchman said...

"The future is in motion..." I couldn't agree more Casey! Looking forward to the video, share it with us when ready.